More Capabilities for the AutomationDirect Productivity1000 PLC

June 12, 2019
The Productivity1000 Stackable Micro PLC provides communications, user-friendly programming, integrated data storage, and a full lineup of discrete, analog and specialty I/O modules in a super-compact size.

A new CPU, more power supplies, analog I/O modules and specialty high-speed I/O and PWM modules are now available for the P1000 PLC from AutomationDirect. The P1-550 CPU, priced at $203.00, adds a fifth communications port that supports remote I/O for 16 GS series VFDs and 4 ProtosX Modbus TCP field I/O couplers.

The P1-02AC Universal Power Supply ($50.00) provides isolated, 26W power to the Productivity1000 system from an external 100-240 VAC or 125VDC source. This power supply will provide power for up to 15 expansion I/O modules for a combination of up to 240 hardware I/O points. Also, now available, the P1-01DC power supply provides 16W of power to support a CPU and up to 8 expansion modules from an external 12 - 24 VDC power source.

The P1-02HSC high-speed isolated sinking/sourcing input module ($65.00) provides two independent single-ended 5-24 VDC inputs that accept up to 100kHz of pulse/direction and quadrature signals. The P1-04PWM Pulse Width Modulation module ($72.00) provides four channels of sinking or sourcing 0-20 kHz, 0-100% duty cycle outputs for use with the Productivity1000 system.

New analog modules support 8-channel inputs or outputs and a new 4-channel analog input module provides 16-bit resolution for mA and VDC signals. Starting at $33.50, I/O modules are auto-discovered and easily added / removed. QR (Quick Response) codes are printed on each module for latest specs and wiring.

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