cMT-iV6: Industrial Grade Touchscreen with Built-in cMT Viewer

June 24, 2019
The new model, cMT-iV6, is a touch panel with built-in cMT Viewer, which allows it to connect with multiple cMT-SVR or cMT Series HMIs for monitoring.

Equipped with 9.7” 1024×768 touchscreen, built-in speaker and high performance 1GHz processor, it is able to deliver outstanding visuals, sound effects, and operation experience.

cMT-iV6 inherits most of the functions from cMT-iV5, with an additional SD card slot. By using an external SD card, it can support many software features that were otherwise not available on cMT-iV5, for example, file browser, media player, picture viewer, PDF reader, and screen hardcopy, in addition to VNC Viewer. Furthermore, its upgraded 4GB eMMC memory allows it to cache more data for the connected devices, enabling seamless switching between devices and ensuring smoother operation.

cMT-iV6 adopts industrial grade power isolation protection, PCB coating and NEMA4/IP65 compliant front panel, and is suitable for panel mount, making it possible to be installed in any corner of the factories located in any harsh environment. It will play an indispensable role in building a cloud-based manufacturing system that fully takes advantage of Weintek’s cMT communication technology.

Weintek’s cMT communication technology opens the possibility where operating interface, communication and computation modules can run independently, allowing users to run cMT Viewer clients on diverse operating platforms to monitor multiple remote cMT-SVR or cMT Series models. To that end, cMT Viewer is available on multiple platforms, and users are free to choose the most suitable one. When wireless connectivity and mobility is an important factor, the user can run cMT Viewer on a smartphone/tablet. If one wishes to make use of the existing PC system, Windows version of cMT Viewer on PC is also available. For other environments, the industrial-grade cMT-iV6 with built-in cMT Viewer will be the optimal choice.

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