Tolomatic ACSI EtherCAT integrated servo motor and drive creates cost-effective electric actuator solution

Tolomatic smart actuation solutions combine many electric actuators with the most popular Ethernet protocols to give OEMs flexibility to work with multiple control vendors while standardizing on one mechanical actuator design.

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The Tolomatic ACSI EtherCAT integrated servo motor and drive is a cost-effective solution for automating additional axes of motion with Industrial Ethernet protocols. As an integrated servo motor and drive, the ACSI creates a space-saving, linear actuator system, making it ideal for machine retrofits and displacing pneumatic cylinder applications.
With built-in configurations for Tolomatic electric actuators, the ACSI integrated controller, available in both linear and rotary operating modes, automatically configures the motor, actuator, safety limits and other key settings inside the controller for quick and seamless integration. The EtherCAT protocol is in addition to Tolomatic's existing EtherNet/IP, PROFINET and Modbus-TCP Ethernet options for the ACSI.
With the ACSI TwinCAT 3 library, the ACSI is easily set up and deployed quickly with the latest Beckhoff controllers into EtherCAT control systems. The ACSI is designed to internally close the position loop, removing the requirement for high-speed cycle times and high-performance hardware. Simply enter in the motion profile, command the move and existing solutions can add an axis without the need for additional controls.
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