Det-Tronics Expands Detection Capability of X3302 Multispectrum Infrared Flame Detector

June 28, 2019
FM Approved and certified SIL2-capable for hydrogen, as well as methane, methanol and syngas

The X3302 multispectrum infrared flame detector (X3302) from Det-Tronics is now third-party approved for the industry's largest field-of-view for hydrogen fires, as well as approved for methane, methanol and synthesis gas (syngas) fires. Det-Tronics, a global leader in fire- and gas-safety systems, is a part of Carrier, a leading global provider of innovative heating, ventilating air conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration, fire, security and building automation technologies.

The X3302 flame detector's enhancements include third-party certification to detect a 30-inch (76 cm) hydrogen plume fire at 125 feet (38 meters) on-axis in as little as three seconds, a 25% improvement in on-axis detection range over the previous design.

In addition to being certified SIL 2-capable and performance-certified to FM 3260 for hydrogen fires, the X3302 is now FM Approved to detect methanol, methane and syngas fires, which contain a mixture of 53% hydrogen, 24% methane, 11% nitrogen, 8% carbon monoxide and 4% carbon dioxide. Other certifications include CSA, ATEX, IECEx, INMETRO and California State Fire Marshall. Additional global certifications are pending.

Recently, gas streams for turbine power generation have transitioned to mixtures of hydrogen, methane and other gases. The X3302 can provide fire protection for these applications without requiring supplemental hydrocarbon flame detectors. The X3302 flame detector is also suited for hydrogen storage, aerospace, battery rooms, refining and filling stations.

The X3302 flame detector has a patented detection algorithm, heated optics and signal processing features which increase false alarm rejection. The patented Automatic Optical Integrity (oi®) feature, an automatic calibrated performance test that is conducted once per minute, verifies complete operational capabilities. The detector will declare a fault if it loses more than 50% of its original detection range, proactively alerting operators to a potential loss of fire protection.

"We are excited to offer the X3302 with expanded detection capability that addresses the need for reliable, fast multi-fuel fire detection at greater distances," said Michael Hosch, product manager, Det-Tronics. "In addition to its enhanced functionality and safety record, our customers will continue to appreciate that the X3302 is easy to install and maintain, which reduces total operational costs."


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