New Size 9 Brushless Slotted DC Motors for Small Bone Orthopedic Applications

July 26, 2019
Portescap is pleased to announce the release of 3 new surgical motors for small bone orthopedic applications.

The B0912N1016 Small Bone Motor (9.6V– 38K RPM), B0912N4023 Small Bone Gearmotor (9.6V - 1.1K RPM), and B0912N4024 Small Bone Gearmotor (9.6V - 12.8K RPM) are sterilizable BLDC motors that provide optimal torque and speed for drills, saws, and reamers to allow for precise removal of tissue in small bone orthopedic surgical procedures. They are well-suited for traditional surgical tools, in addition to robotically assisted surgical devices and can be paired with a Portescap sterilizable controller for battery powered applications.

Portescap is leading the way in sterilizable motor technology. Thanks to decades of research and development and millions of surgeries in the field, Portescap motors have the proven capability to deliver exceptional surgical results under the most demanding conditions. These motors have been designed and tested to withstand 1,000+ sterilization cycles as well as exposure to saline and other foreign materials. The 22mm⌀ motors are lightweight with low noise and vibration to maximize tactile response and surgeon control in the most delicate of surgeries.

Standard prototypes are available within two weeks, enabling Portescap’s partners to begin testing quickly and shorten their time to market. Portescap’s R&D engineers are well versed in medical device integration and are eager to collaborate – for partners needing custom solutions, Portescap can optimize a design to meet the exact requirements of the application. For more information or for help selecting a motor, talk to an engineer today.

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