Advantech Launches a Waterproof, Anti-vibration and PLC compliant Ethernet Solution

Advantech Industrial IoT Group is pleased to announce the launch of the waterproof, anti-vibration and PLC compliant Ethernet Switch EKI-2528I-M12, aiming at any harsh environment with dust, high humidity and vibration.

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Compliant with IP67 and IEC 60068-2-6: 5G

The EKI-2528I-M12 Ethernet switch is designed with high IP67 degree of protection, working perfectly under moisture condition to guarantee users a waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosive network environment. Being compliant with IEC 60068-2-6: 5G standards further allows it to work against severe, continuous vibration. Thus the EKI-2528I-M12 is ideal for traditional machine tools, numerical control (NC), and computer numerical control (CNC) and DNC.


Complies IEC 61131-2 certifications

IEC 61131, was known as IEC 113, is an IEC standard especially for programmable controllers (PLCs). The EKI-2528I-M12 fully complies with the IEC-61131-2:2017 that specifies function al and electromagnetic compatibility and related verification tests, so as to be suitable for PLC and/or PAC applications and their associated peripherals.


Slim size with high port density

The high port density feature of the EKI-2528I-M12 makes it possible to support up to eight M12 port connections within a compact (62*25*194) housing. It is best for confined space since no extra room for wire deployment is required. Users simply need to screw it firmly on the wall or cabinet before enjoy the instant network communication service.


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