Pack Up To 20 Cases Per Minute with the New 2-Person Work Cell with Pack Control and PD50 Product Conveyor on Wexxar Bel’s Enhanced Flex E Pack System

Sept. 10, 2019
See the Wexxar Bel Flex E Pack form, pack and seal system in action in booth C-2824 at PACK EXPO 2019 in Las Vegas.

The new Flex E Pack system is upgraded with double the output and provides additional options to customize an automated hand-pack solution perfect for any business. Wexxar Bel will be demonstrating the enhanced capabilities of the Flex E Pack system in booth C-2824 at PACK EXPO 2019, Sept. 23-25, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The Flex E Pack is a modular engineering solution that provides end users with the flexibility to integrate the right case former, product delivery conveyor, work cell and sealer that best meets their applications.

For the first time ever, PACK EXPO attendees will see the Flex E Pack system doubling its output to 20 cases per minute, while also seeing how a two-person work cell can best utilize Pack Control to hand pack product into cases as efficiently as possible.

With Pack Control, work cells can be individually activated, depending on the availability of operators. Pack Control provides each cell the ability to adjust their line with minimal impact to overall production rates.

“If you’re in the early stages of automation and trying to implement a hand-pack solution, the Flex E Pack system gives you the flexibility to assemble the necessary pieces that best fit your application,” Sander Smith, Product Manager, Wexxar Bel. “This is definitely a packing line you need to see this year at PACK EXPO and learn how it can help solve your end-of-line issues.”

The Flex E Pack system at PACK EXPO includes the Wexxar WF20 Fully Automatic Case Former/Case Erector. The WF20 produces up to 20 cases per minute and is available in tape or hot melt glue sealing. The Flex E Pack system can be paired with any Wexxar case former, depending on application needs.

Case sealing on the Flex E Pack system at PACK EXPO is handled by the BEL 252 Fully Automatic Top & Bottom Tape Case Sealer. The BEL 252 features the Uni-Drive System, which powers both side belts from a single motor, keeping them synchronized to provide a square seal even after prolonged use. Additionally, the line includes a PD50 bi-directional conveyor, which enables products to flow in opposite directions from the same conveyor platform.

The Flex E Pack is ideal for packaging lines with variable product flow and packing situations due to:

  • Frequent case size changes
  • Different case sizes and pack configurations
  • Limited floor space
  • Manual inspection of products
  • Limited technical staff
  • High price of automated case packers and erectors
  • High SKU volume

Features and benefits of the Flex E Pack system include:

  • All-in-one, integrated case forming, packing and sealing system
  • Up to 20 cases per minute
  • One or two person packing station
  • Ergonomic industrial foot switch
  • Snap Folder safe flap folding technology
  • User-friendly touch screen controls
  • Illustrated, color-coded adjustment instructions

To see how the Flex E Pack can reduce your labor costs while increasing production output, visit Wexxar Bel in booth C-2824 at PACK EXPO. For more information on the Flex E Pack, Wexxar Bel is a ProMach brand.

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