Seeq Presentations and Partners Featured at OSIsoft PI World User Conference in Gothenburg

Sept. 11, 2019
Three presentations highlight expanding use of Seeq advanced analytics to find insights in production data sets for process manufacturers.

Seeq, a leading provider of advanced analytics solutions for process manufacturing companies, will be a Gold Sponsor at OSIsoft PI World Gothenburg. This event is the largest gathering of OSIsoft customers and partners outside the United States, and it will be held from September 16-19, 2019.

Seeq builds on machine learning and big data technologies to speed time to insight for diagnostic, descriptive, and predictive analytics. Seeq presentations and partner discussions will cover results typical of the benefits Seeq customers are realizing in the oil & gas, power, pharmaceutical, chemical, energy, mining, food and beverage, and other process industries.

"The passion to generate even more value from data in the OSIsoft PI System and deliver customer-centric solutions from our partner community is truly remarkable," says Michael Kanellos, IoT Analyst, OSIsoft. "Together, Seeq and OSIsoft can help companies improve their operations and production outcomes through advanced analytics as demonstrated by our shared customers and partners."

In addition to the Gold Sponsorship of PI World and customer presentations in the Life Sciences and Process Industries tracks, several of Seeq’s European partners will be showcasing their support efforts for Seeq as system integrators and independent software vendors. Seeq’s partner network now includes dozens of partners on six of the seven continents.

Featured Seeq partners attending PI World with Seeq include Amitec from Norway, Wersys from Germany, IT Vizion from the United Kingdom, e-matica from Italy, ConnectPoint from Poland, Intec from Greece, and Magion from The Netherlands.

“Building on our strong and long lasting 20-year partnership with OSIsoft, we have seen our customers store and manage increasing volumes of data in the OSIsoft PI System,” says Børre Heggernes, CTO of Amitec. “They need faster, smarter ways to leverage this data to improve operations, and Seeq enables them do just that.”

Seeq customer presentations include:

  • Smart Building IoT Platform (Roche/OctaveSoft GmbH), Wednesday September 18 from 9:15-10:00, Life Sciences track, Congress Hall K3
  • Journey Deploying Data Analytics for Manufacturing Insights (Lonza/Seeq), Wednesday September 18 from 13:45-14:30, Life Sciences track, Congress Hall K3
  • Process Data Analysis and Visualization at Covestro: The ProDAVis Digitalization Initiative, Wednesday September 18 from 14:45-15:30, Process Industries track, G3 2nd Floor

“The benefits of OSIsoft and Seeq collaboration demonstrate how our customers achieve improved production outcomes from our products,” notes Steve Sliwa, Co-Founder and CEO, Seeq Corporation. “Their success and feedback on product requirements have led to the innovative and easy-to-use advanced analytics application that Seeq is today."

For the latest information on Seeq participation in industry events, please visit the Seeq web site at

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