Flowline Non-Contact Reflective Ultrasonic Level Sensors from AutomationDirect

Non-contact EchoPod® and EchoTouch® reflective ultrasonic liquid level sensors feature Flowline’s proprietary Reflective Technology™ that delivers reliable level measurement in condensing environments.

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Condensation is the most commonly encountered variable in liquid level applications and attenuates the acoustic signal of non-reflective ultrasonic sensors, weakening signal strength and reducing measurement reliability. These innovative reflective level sensors replace ultrasonic sensors in condensation applications, and other float, conductance and pressure sensors that fail due to contact with dirty, sticky and scaling media in small, medium and large capacity tanks.


Both general purpose and intrinsically safe versions are available with continuous level measurement, switching and control capabilities. The standard 4-20 mA output is easily monitored by a PLC or other controller. Models with four relays can be configured for level alarms and/or stand-alone level control such as automatic fill or empty functions.


With prices starting at $405.00, reflective level sensors from AutomationDirect are configured using free WEBCAL software; limited pushbutton configuration is also available on some models.


Learn more by visiting: www.automationdirect.com/reflective-ultrasonic-level

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