e-matica and Seeq Announce Partnership to Deliver Advanced Analytics Solutions

Sept. 18, 2019
Partnership will provide acceleration of digital transformation in Italy.

e-matica, a leading systems integrator and applications development firm and a Select Partner for OSIsoft® and Seeq®, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, will partner to deliver advanced analytics solutions to their customers. The partnership will accelerate digital transformation by harnessing diagnostic and predictive analytics to enable greater operational efficiency and deeper insights across organizations.

Seeq software applications, Seeq Workbench and Seeq Organizer, enable manufacturing organizations to rapidly analyze, predict, collaborate, and distribute insights to improve production outcomes. Seeq is designed to run on-premise, on Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services cloud platforms, or in mixed on-premise and on-cloud deployments.

e-matica has provided innovation and process improvement to their clients for over 20 years in industries like power generation, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, and others. Combined with Seeq’s advanced analytics solution, the partnership is a natural fit that will benefit e-matica customers as they strive to get more value from their operations data.

"The decision to enter into a partnership with Seeq is in line with our growth strategy aimed at offering innovative solutions to help our customers improve their operations. Our customers work with data from different sources and have the need to analyze them effectively and efficiently—time is a key factor! Seeq makes it possible to find insights and share critical information quickly,” says Luca Spingardi, e-matica Business Development Executive. This sentiment is shared by Ernesto Bove, CEO, and Giuseppe di Bartolo, Sales Director, who have deployed many systems based on the use of historicized data for important Italian customers.

“Thought leaders like e-matica, with local customer and vertical market expertise, are critical to the success of Seeq,” adds Will Knight, Head of Partner Sales for Seeq. “Our customers rely upon them to deliver advanced analytics solutions that provide insight and drive results.”

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