American Control Electronics Introduces CMC Series: New Standalone Accessory Card Prevents False Alarms

Oct. 4, 2019
American Control Electronics has introduced the CMC Series, a new standalone accessory card that provides an adjustable current limit alarm for any DC motor controller, preventing false alarms due to predictable increases in current draw. This feature-rich current sensing module is a valuable tool for new and existing systems where an added level of monitoring and protection is required.

Compatible with any DC motor controller, the card is wired in series with a DC motor using a jumper to set a base current limit trip point. An on-board OFFSET trim pot can finely adjust the trip point, while a TIME DELAY trim pot establishes how long the motor’s amperage draw must exceed the trip point before determining that a fault has occurred. When the card determines a fault exists, it will close a normally open (N.O.) output contact and open another normally closed (N.C.) output contact. These contacts are used as preconfigured switches to turn on or off other circuits such as LEDs, relays, or speakers. The card is set to latch or configured to automatically reset once current falls below an adjustable HYSTERESIS setting.

The CSC1 series is a chassis enclosure with 115/230 Vac input voltage, available in three maximum trip current models of 5, 20, and 30 amps peak. Other features include:

  • OFFSET Range: 50% - 150% of set point
  • HYSTERESIS Range: 50% - 98% of set point
  • TIME DELAY Range: 0.2 to 15 seconds
  • Maximum Relay Voltage: 125 VAC, 110 VDC
  • Maximum Relay Current: 0.5 amps @ 120 VAC, 1.0 amp @ 30 VDC
  • RoHS Compliant

For detailed information and downloadable content, please visit the links below:

CMC series:




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