Partnership Connects Analytics and Shift Reporting

Oct. 14, 2019
TrendMiner and Eschbach announce a global partnership to integrate their analytics and shift reporting tools to enhance operations in the manufacturing and process industries.

TrendMiner, a provider of self-service industrial analytics, and Eschbach, a digital plant process management (PPM) supplier, have developed a partnership to integrate their TrendMiner and Shiftconnector products, connecting advanced analytics with shift reporting functionality to improve operations.

The analytics capabilities of TrendMiner enable customers to predict process deviations while Shiftconnector sends these deviations to the control room for shift personnel to contextualize and add additional information as to why these deviations occurred. This data is then returned to TrendMiner to be used by engineers as a starting point to identify improvements to operations.

Combining the data in this way makes it available to shift personnel and engineers on demand, creating a continuous flow of information and better visibility throughout the production process. By arming employees with the tools to be able to address the challenges of plant and process automation, Shiftconnector helps users address specific production and operational challenges in a coordinated manner.

With this integration, stakeholders in the control room and shift teams will benefit due to better analytics-driven decision-making, and process and asset experts will also benefit due to the broader contextual information and the ability to improve operational performance.

“The integration [of these software tools] will accelerate analytics-driven decision making in the control room and cross-department collaboration for the next wave in operational excellence,” said Thomas Dhollander, CTO of TrendMiner."

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