Metso Neles: Machine Monitoring for Maritime Applications

Jan. 16, 2013
DNA Machine Monitoring integrated with vibration-based condition monitoring to reduce maintenance costs and improve safety.

This enables users to predict when machinery is due for maintenance, and schedule the service accordingly. Equipment will be serviced when needed, and the necessary repair can be planned more efficiently by being able to reserve needed spares, tools and resources. Predictive maintenance also reduces risks of fatal machinery breakdowns and possible delays to sailing schedule. Integrated online machine condition monitoring enables 24/7 monitoring, thus providing the fastest possible way to act on problems and secure the operation of machinery, protect the assets and increase safety in the working environment. Vibration-based online machine condition monitoring is an integrated application on a marine automation platform. Machine monitoring implements mechanical condition and performance monitoring of critical machinery, based on vibration measurements with fixed installed vibration sensors. With condition monitoring integrated in the user environment vibrations are easily correlated with other machine parameters to determine the correct cause to problems.

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