SolaHD: Uninterruptible Power Supply Mounts on DIN Rail

The SDU AC UPS delivers power protection to sensitive electronics on the factory floor.

Aw 17676 1308np Sola

Providing ride through during brief power outages, it averts data losses, work interruptions and equipment damage by allowing sensitive electronic equipment to safely shut down. Back-up AC power during power disturbances greatly reduces production losses while aiding facilities in maintaining high efficiency levels. A compact footprint and minimal weight (11 lbs.) allows the unit to be installed in a control panel or integrated into an enclosure or machine where space is at a premium. Two versions are available: a 120 V model that meets UL 1778 for industrial application standards, and a 230 V model that is CE compliant. Both models are available in 500 VA or 850 VA, 50/60 Hz designs. The standard UPS including batteries is rated to operate at up to 50 (C without derating. Other key features include industrial grade steel enclosure; strong metal DIN Rail mounting connectors; input/output IP20-rated screw terminals; easy to use, clearly labeled front panel; LED indicators, alarms, and self-diagnostic capabilities; input surge protection; data line surge protection; DB9 communication interface; and optional Dry Contact I/O communication, USB port and panel mount brackets.

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SolaHD division of Emerson Industrial Automation

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