Perpetua: Energy Harvesters

The Power Tile thermoelectric unit powers 24 V, 4-20 mA devices from equipment heat.

Aw 18784 1310np Perpetua

Featuring a maintenance-free design, the device can power wireless sensors, process transmitters and other devices where no other power is available. Suitable heat sources include steam injection or any other available hot object. The unit provides electric output depending on the temperature difference between the heat source and ambient: at 90 ºC it supplies 20 mA; with a 60 º difference it provides 4 mA, while a seven-day battery backup keeps things operating when the heat source is shut down. Mounting for 2- and 3-inch pipe is standard, and other sizes are available. The units are designed for harsh environments where dust, moisture, debris and extreme temperatures are commonly found.

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