Opto 22: Web-Based Mobile Operator Interface System

Version 2.1 of groov adds new features, improves OPC tag handling, and reduces data payload for mobile devices.

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Improvements include faster tag handling with OPC-UA servers and improved data exchange with mobile devices for faster response times and lower mobile network costs. The system lets industrial automation end-users, system integrators, machine OEMs, technicians, or any authorized person quickly and securely monitor and control PLCs and PACs from a mobile device. It gets important data out of processes, OEM machines, and manufacturing systems and into operators' hands. A major improvement in the new version is faster operator interface development due to new real-time OPC tag browsing. An OPC-UA server can have potentially tens of thousands of tags to choose from for an operator interface, and real-time browsing makes it faster to select tags and link them to on-screen indicators and controls. The system exchanges up to 75% less data with smartphones, tablets, and other devices running an operator interface than earlier versions, thanks to improved data handling and compression. Mobile devices operating over a cellular or other network with slower connections benefit with faster updates, faster interface responses, and lower mobile network costs.

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Opto 22

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