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Three new PACSystems RX3i modules provide infrastructure OEMs and systems integrators with communication protocols as "in rack" solutions.

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The PACSystems family of automation controllers, standardized on the PROFINET network, provides a high performance, reliable, yet simple to configure and install distributed I/O network. The Ethernet modules allow connection at the device level to the software level of infrastructure organizations using object-oriented programming for greater access to actionable data. The new modules include IEC61850, DNP3, and IEC60870-5-104 Ethernet-based communication protocols, enabling improved access to data and time-stamping of events via object-oriented programming. This enables users to troubleshoot and identify the root cause of downtime and/or system disturbances, and eliminate those disruptors. The new modules enable two-way communication between the SCADA and Intelligent Electrical Device (IED) levels. By uniting the control and software layers under a common architecture, information stored in the controller becomes more accessible and actionable. An integrated solution enables rack design, reducing engineering time for OEMs and improving time to market. In addition, the support of fiber optics simplifies system design and provides more reliable communication and greater transmission distance.

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