Advantech Introduces a New 21.5” All-Around IP66 Waterproof Stationary Panel Computer with M12 Connectors

Advantech’s Industrial Automation Group introduces the SPC-2140WP, a 21.5” widescreen multitouch panel PC designed to provide easier operation and boost productivity in areas that require frequent jet washing.

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Aw 21953 Spc 2140wp

This iF Award winning device, has been honored with the award not only for its appearance, but also being extremely intuitive to use. Two pale blue soft-keys that, when lightly touched, give users quick and easy access to the information needed.

Operators must be comfortable during their working hours and since HMI is their connection to the system, its functionality must evolve both in terms of functionality and in term of physical usage. As a consequence, the screen is not panel mounted anymore, but it is connected to the system via an arm allowing the operator to adjust it.

Slender elegant aluminum housing not only emphasizes modernity but also offers all-around IP66 protection showing mechanical stability and reliability. Using M12 connectors, and the ability to connect to a VESA arm, allows the device to withstand high water pressure and offers a high level of waterproofing in humid environments. In areas such as food and beverage and chemical manufacturing where frequent cleaning is a necessity, the SPC is ideal as it and its connectors are protected against dust and water to enable them to survive the rigors of jet washing and scrubbing while they are hung on either pedestals or pendants.

The SPC features a widescreen display with a ratio of 16:9, providing 40% more screen area than 4:3 displays. Furthermore, with the addition of multitouch capabilities, there is even greater control and viewing of SCADA information.

All of this is made possible with the inclusion of an AMD 1.65 GHz processor with an independent graphical processing unit which provides support for Windows 8 and DirectX11.

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