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Device type manager simplifies integration

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The iDTM-EDD makes device integration quick and easy. It is this simple: your existing EDD is integrated into an iDTM that is adapted for you, as a device manufacturer, with your logo, pictures and colors.

You will deliver this DTM to your end users with your device – as usual.

CodeWrights supports you in optimizing your EDD, providing usability and adding offline configuration capabilities to support device replacement scenarios or secure archiving of device data sets. Some device functions may need implementations beyond EDDL capabilities. CodeWrights has a solution for this: DTM modules. This is a smart way for you to make complex functions operable and to emphasize unique selling points of your device. The nice thing about this option is that the end user will not feel any difference, because the DTM modules are seamlessly inserted into the iDTM´s user interface.

In some installations, DTMs cannot be used for integration. Instead, the integration in EDD hosts often requires small but specific adaptations to the EDD. In this case CodeWrights offers its expertise, by analyzing your EDD and performing host-specific adaptations. This ensures the successful integration of your device, even when the FDT / DTM is not applicable.

Typically CodeWrights. Simply integrated.

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