Yokogawa Releases SMARTDAC+ GX20W Wireless Paperless Recorder

Nov. 17, 2014
Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces the development of the SMARTDAC+ GX20W wireless paperless recorder.

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces the development of the SMARTDAC+ GX20W wireless paperless recorder. This new product supports the ISA100 Wireless industrial automation wireless communication standard and is expected to become an essential component of the SMARTDAC+ data acquisition and control system. The GX20W will be released to the market on November 12.

The GX20W comes with an ISA100 Wireless gateway function that enables it to wirelessly collect and record information from ISA100 Wireless devices. It facilitates the acquisition of data from locations that are inaccessible to recorders or where it is difficult to accommodate conventional wired devices.

Development Background
Plants use all kinds of field devices to measure items such as temperature, pressure, liquid level, gas concentration, and vibration. With a field wireless system, communication between field devices and host monitoring systems is done wirelessly. Demand for field wireless systems is growing because the field wireless devices can be placed in locations that cannot be accessed with conventional wired devices and cost less to install.

Plant facility monitoring systems often include recorders that collect and record measurement data from field devices. The GX20W is ideal for use in such systems.

Product Features
Based on the GX20 paperless recorder, which has been well received in the marketplace due to its excellent scalability and reliability, the GX20W comes with a wireless gateway function that supports the ISA100 Wireless standard. With the GX20W, there is no need for an additional gateway or access point to communicate with a field wireless device or wireless sensor. In addition to a maximum of 100 wired inputs, the GX20W can receive signals from up to 50 field wireless devices, which has the following advantages:

  1. For safety reasons, it has not been allowed to install recorders in hazardous areas, which has necessitated running cable between the field transmitters and the recording device, at considerable expense. As the GX20W is able to wirelessly collect and record data from a remote location, this simplifies the task of building a monitoring system with recorders for use in facilities with hazardous areas, such as chemical plants that use inflammable organic solvents and pharmaceutical plants that manufacture active ingredients.
  2. As there is no need for wiring, systems for monitoring equipment or small-scale processes can be built at low cost.

Major Target Markets
Monitoring boilers, coal yards, rotary furnaces, smoke control systems, and other facilities in plants for electric power, oil refining, petrochemicals, chemicals, iron and steel, pulp and paper, food, and pharmaceuticals

Acquisition and recording of data such as temperature, voltage, current, flow rate, and pressure for the evaluation testing of products, monitoring of plant equipment, and environmental monitoring

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