Kollmorgen Launches Online Support Community

Nov. 18, 2014
Kollmorgen introduces the Kollmorgen Developer Network (KDN).

Kollmorgen introduces the Kollmorgen Developer Network (KDN). Located here, KDN is an interactive knowledgebase where Kollmorgen customers can learn from one another, receive expert advice from Kollmorgen application engineers and customer support staff, and delve into rich technical information with just a few clicks.

“KDN was developed to help machine designers spend less time troubleshooting and more time building awesome machines that differentiate them from their competition,” says Mark Duckwitz, Technical Communications Manager. “This online community is an interactive resource where OEMs can ask questions and quickly get answers, provide insights to other Kollmorgen customers, review sample projects, readily access the latest Kollmorgen firmware, software and technical documentation and suggest future product features. Customers who register can also create a personalized content area that will help save even more time and focus resources by bringing together their most frequently accessed content in a single area.”

KDN content focuses on AKD servo drives series, AKD BASIC drives, AKD PDMM, Kollmorgen Automation Suite (KAS), and Kollmorgen servo motors. The site also provides information and support for Kollmorgen legacy products.

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