ABB: OEM UL 891 Switchboard Program

The Tmax Link facilitates compliant distribution assemblies.

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The switchboard program enables OEMs to assemble a UL 891-compliant electrical distribution switchboard by properly fabricating parts to mount the company's Tmax molded case circuit breakers. The program is designed for dead-front switchboards rated at 600 volts or less and circuits having available RMS symmetrical short-circuit currents no greater than 200 kA. Typical applications for these switchboards are electrical light and power circuits. It is especially easy to fabricate the mounting straps, as there are no casting components. The program provides an extension of the company's UL certification under which manufacturers may fabricate basic components using their own branding. It includes extension procedures that facilitate the formal process for UL 891 compliance of chassis and enclosures. The extension package also includes 2-D and 3-D drawings to aid design and engineering. Other features include coverage of 1 1/4 - and 1 3/8-inch hole spacing on the vertical bus, up to 1200 A frame breaker in 32-inch width section and no limit on use of 100 percent-rated circuit breakers. In addition to drawings and compliance procedures, the program extension package includes assembly instructions, with torque values, and a bill of materials. Optional breaker mounting kits are also available.

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