AADvance Expands Process Safety Control System Functions

Rockwell Automation system lets users select safety, fault tolerance levels

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AADvance is the next step in Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS), offering a truly distributed, scalable architecture. A hardware controller and a software environment allows users to specify the level of safety integrity and availability you need throughout your plant. AADvance from Rockwell Automation offers a high level of flexibility, going from small quantity I/O to large systems; non-safety to SIL 3, and fail-safe to multiple fault tolerant including TMR.

The AADvance controller supports the use of HART on each analog input and output channel. The application can use HART data to monitor and respond to device conditions and to supply diagnostic information such as data comparison and error reporting. This is a useful increase in the level of safety system diagnostics.

Asset Management Features

The intelligence of the HART devices can be shared using FDT Technology. The HART feature allows the use of an external asset management system to manage HART compatible field devices connected to an AADvance controller. HART uses the Device Type Manager (DTM) software component, defined by the FDT Technology standard, to enable using an asset management system using an FDT Frame Application, such as FactoryTalk Asset Centre by Rockwell Automation.

For more information, visit: http://www.rockwellautomation.com/rockwellautomation/icstriplex/aadvance.page

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