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The new PACTware 5.0 application is built upon FDT2 – taking full advantage if its many new capabilities.

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With the latest version of its common operating software, the PACTware Consortium offers users a future-proof framework that ensures a seamless transition from FDT 1.2.1 to FDT2. PACTware continues its tradition as a streamlined commissioning, configuration and diagnostics tool for instruments and devices in both process and factory automation applications. It enjoys a large installed base, it is fieldbus-independent, and it is vendor-independent. Best of all there is no charge for the software.

The addition of FDT2 is an essential step to prepare for additional future requirements of the industry, such as FDI, without losing compatibility with previous PACTware projects. In addition, PACTware has been upgraded for the future by employing .Net as the underlying technology thereby ensuring the investment and maintainability of PACTware 5.0 for years to come. The .Net technology not only provides greater independence from the hardware platform, it also opens up new opportunities to design a more advanced graphical user interface. In the future this will, for example, enable intuitive finger operations similar to those used on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

PACTware 5.0 makes full use of the standardized FDT2 interface library of the FDT Group known as Frame Common Components to provide PACTware 5.0 compatibility with FDT2 and backward compatibility with the previous FDT 1.2.1 standard. All of this has been brought together with an eye toward future capability and compatibility.

For more information on FDT2, please visit http://www.fdt2.org/

For more information on PACTware, please visit: http://www.pactware.com/en/home.html

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