Miniaturized 5 Watt AC/DC Power Supply Modules

March 31, 2016
The TMPS-05 series comprises miniaturized 5 Watt AC/DC power supply modules in lightweight fully encapsulated 1” x 1” plastic casing for PCB mount.

Beside the safety approvals for industrial and IT solutions, they are also certified to EN 60335 for household appliance. These 5 Watt modules are the ideal solution for low power or segregated circuits when space is critical or for an efficient powering of a standby mode when compliance to ErP directive is required. A peak current of 130% facilitates the activation of main circuits. They comply with EMC emission and immunity standards for industrial, IT and residential environment without the need of external filtering. The input is designed for the voltage ranges of 85 – 264 VAC and 120 – 370 VDC.

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