NovaTech Announces D/3 Version 15

NovaTech, LLC today announced the latest release of its distributed control system software, D/3® Version 15 (D3v15).

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NovaTech, LLC today announced the latest release of its distributed control system software, D/3® Version 15 (D3v15). This release adds features that focus on modernizing configuration, improving operator interfaces, and facilitating reporting.

“We did a number of things that make configuration simpler and more efficient, while reducing the potential for user mistakes through validation and self-help features,” says NovaTech president, Buz Zey.

Throughout the development phase for D3v15, NovaTech collaborated with existing users and surveyed their workflow, identifying areas to improve the performance and efficiency of the D/3 System. D3v15 delivers on end- users’ requirements for ease of use.

“The D/3 has always been seen as powerful and flexible, now it’s also easy,” says Chris Kourliouros, NovaTech product marketing director. “Developing control strategies using MDL BuilderTM is more intuitive and significantly faster than text-based configuration.”

AbbVie, a 30-year customer of NovaTech, was one of the first to upgrade to v15 software. Dr. Tom Borkman, Principal Controls Engineer at AbbVie commented, “We value NovaTech’s commitment to future-proofing our investment in their D/3 System and welcome the significant ease of use improvements in their latest software release.”



  • The MDL Builder programming environment improves the way engineers configure the building blocks of the D/3 System
  • New engineers will find the graphical interface easy to learn, while experienced engineers retain all the flexibility and power they count on
  • Multiple engineers can work concurrently on a given controller for faster development
  • New D3Edit features ease Sequence and Batch Language (SABL®) program development, increase efficiency, and reduce application project hours


  • Operator workstations are now able to natively access information from the PI System and include the PI data in standard D/3 displays, reports, and trends
  • PI access is now easy and the data source is transparent to the user


  • The High-Performance Smart Graphical Objects (SGO) library includes a new set of SGOs and simplifies the creation of TotalVision® process displays
  • Latest features facilitate phased migration with new SGO palettes that will improve the TotalVision experience for operators in accordance with the ISA-101 standard
  • The D3ExpressTM Reporting module enables users to run and view reports securely from operator workstations and mobile devices
  • D3Express History enables analysts, auditors, and management to rapidly focus on key actionable information and troubleshoot events

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