Wireless Bullet Targets Explosion-proof Environments

Adapter transmits measurement, diagnostic, and parameterization data

Aw 96989 Bullet 400

Pepperl+Fuchs’ Bullet is a loop-or line-powered explosion-proof WirelessHart adapter that enables new and existing wired 4 mA...20 mA and HART field devices to communicate measurement, diagnostic, and parameterization data wirelessly. It can use direct DC power or solar power. Built to withstand the harsh environmental conditions in process plants, the Bullet is the only adapter available in an explosion-proof housing that contains all the components, including the antenna. The Bullet supports up to eight field devices in multidrop mode. It also features Pepperl+Fuchs patent-pending StepVolt™ technology, allowing users to set input voltage to optimize loop power. An economical alternative to costly and complex cable installations, the BULLET makes it easy to upgrade existing analog or field devices, retrofitting wireless transmission of field device communication and diagnostic data.


  • HART registered, fully HART compliant for communication reliability
  • Loop or line powered – no batteries or other power sources required
  • Connects directly to HART or analog field device and anywhere on the 4 mA-20 mA control loop
  • Direct power used when local DC power is available: power supply, external battery, or solar. Can switch field devices on/off to take periodic readings to save battery power.
  • The BULLET is compatible with all registered HART devices and supports WirelessHART mesh and star topologies
  • Free DTM download (based on FDT Technology) delivers simple device integration for essential diagnostics, monitoring, and error correction

For more information, visit www.pepperl-fuchs.com/bullet.

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