DC/DC Converters

May 12, 2016
Wiedmuller's PRO DC/DC converters carry Class I Div 2 and ATEX certification as well as Class III protection.

These electrically isolated DC/DC converters avoid critical earth loops and generate a stable, low-distortion output voltage from an unregulated or distorted input voltage, which makes them suitable for use in earth-free power systems, such as the battery backup systems in hazardous location applications. Aimed at multiple 24 VDC power supply applications, they feature good power specifications, excellent resistance to shock and vibration, a status signal for remote monitoring and operating efficiency of 94%. At a width of only 43 mm for the 10-A module, they can be mounted side-by-side without clearance requirements, allowing up to a 30% reduction in needed cabinet space. A metal clip-on foot provides increased stability on the DIN-rail and resistance to high vibration and shock. An alarm output monitors the status of the 24 V output voltage and an LED indicates "DC OK" status for the output voltage. The transistor outputs and the on/off status relay facilitate remote monitoring. With internal fusing on the input side and output side, they provide short-circuit and overload protection as well as a power boost of more than 600% I* IN for 16 ms.

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