Large Enclosure System Simplifies Design/Ordering Process

The VX25 large enclosure system from Rittal can be ordered using both real and digital workflows for significantly greater efficiency.

Large Enclosure System Simplifies Design/Ordering Process
Large Enclosure System Simplifies Design/Ordering Process

The company’s web-based software tools enable plant constructors to convert to the new enclosure system quickly and easily. A conversion assistant for parts lists, free data and an intelligent selector and configurator simplify the transition from the TS 8 enclosure system to the new VX25 large enclosure system. The enclosure types included can be populated to suit individual requirements with a pre-selection of common accessories. Detailed, validated CAD data for the enclosure system is available for download in more than 70 formats, making possible the flexible transmission of data to all common CAD systems. The tool permits the configuration of free-standing enclosures and bayed suites based on the VX25—a task that is “plausibility checked.” For example, while accessories are being placed, the system will automatically check if the selected components can be placed at the chosen location. Machining can also be planned with the Rittal Configuration System since the configured data package not only contains the parts list but also a CNC program for the Perforex machining center and a 3D step model of the complete enclosure including the accessories.

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