Next Level Productivity with Cobot Powered Automation

July 25, 2022
As the world begins to immerge from the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing is certain: manufacturing will never be the same. Companies from traditional and non-traditional automation environments are looking to the future and re-imagining how to ad

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Collaborative robots have become the fastest-growing segment of the automation industry, thanks in part to manufacturers’ abilities to install cobot systems fast and reach full production quickly. Universal Robots helps customers reduce engineering time and complexity in their projects – not just as easy to program robot arms, but as a platform for pre-integrated tools & application kits, as well as customized turnkey solutions for automating processes in many major industries.

Join Joe Campbell, Head of Strategic Marketing and Lisa Lanzilotti, Digital Marketing Manager as they explore solutions for several applications, including welding, quality inspection, assembly, packaging & palletizing, and machine tending.

Attendees will learn:

  • Over a dozen product configurations for multiple industries
  • How pre-integrated tools and peripherals translate to fast deployments and faster ROI
  • Implementation strategies that simplify automation projects


Joe Campbell | North American Manager, Digital Marketing | Universal Robots

Joe Campbell is a long-time veteran of the robotics and automation industry. After executive assignments in sales, marketing, operations and customer service with industry leading robot, system integrator and engineering companies, Joe is head of strategic marketing for Universal Robots.

Joe is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati. He is a regular speaker, lecturer and author on manufacturing labor issues, and the technology and economic benefits of robots and factory automation. Joe and his family live in Birmingham, MI.

Lisa Lanzilotti | North American Manager, Digital Marketing | Universal Robots

Lisa Lanzilotti is the North American Manager, Digital Marketing for Universal Robots. She has over 15 years’ experience creating content and strategies that educate manufacturers about the benefits of automation and how it will solve the many challenges businesses face.

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