White Paper: Ten steps to lean electrical controls, from ABB

June 29, 2009
Leverage Lean Operations, A Lean Supply Chain, and Lean Design of your electrical panels to meet the key goals from James P. Womack and Daniel T. Jones book "Lean Thinking."

The major objective of lean manufacturing as stated in the book “Lean Thinking” is to “banish waste and create wealth in your corporation”. This is an objective that any company would likely see as a good thing to do. However, waste is not banished by a silver bullet and wealth is not created by applying one simple formula. Rather, hard work and the persistence of applying proven practices and methods over a period of time yields positive results. This is the pragmatic approach that has allowed many companies to experience the benefits of lean manufacturing in varying degrees of success. properly and completely, the result will be lower overall costs, faster throughput speed, higher levels of quality, and a simpler business experience for the supplier, the customer, and the customer’s customer. You may have heard some of these ideas before. The difference here is the identification of ten specific things that any company can do right now. UNDERSTANDING WASTE The fundamental opportunity in eliminating waste is to first recognize it!

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