White Paper: MTS Sensors Provide Accurate Level Measurements For BP Storage Tanks

Jan. 9, 2007
MTS Sensors M Series gauges provide accurate level measurement for BP storage tanks.
MTS Systems Corp. Sensors Division, the world’s leader in magnetostrictive sensing technology, has supplied BP (formerly Amoco) with M-Series sensors for use in their storage tanks for refined petroleum products. Using the flexible M-Series sensors to fit the 45 to 60-ft. tall vessels, the sensors provide both tank level and temperature measurement of flammable liquids. With a rugged design, the M-Series enables BP to monitor light oils, diesel fuels, and gasoline at various locations throughout the United States.BP has used MTS level sensors in their Above Ground Storage Tanks (AST) for over a decade because the accuracy of magnetostrictive technology in the measurement of liquid level is vital in preventing serious accidents from occurring with the extremely hazardous petroleum products.Review the Case Study