White Paper: MTS Sensors with Temposonics(R) Magnetostrictive Technology

Jan. 9, 2007
Pharmaceutical company uses MTS liquid-level sensors to obtain accurate and reliable measurements.
A pharmaceutical company based in California uses level sensors to measure water solutions and buffers in its portable tanks. The company needed to obtain accurate and reliable measurement results for data improvements and overall product quality, as well as measure in high salinity solutions.The high foaming solutions used in the company’s process required an accurate, reliable level sensor. Engineers tested several other level sensing technologies to obtain accurate data, but experienced unstable results each time. Load cells could have solved the problem, but the cost requirement of this technology was unacceptable and cannot be used with portable tanks. Radar was also ruled out due to foam contained in the process, which renders radar technology ineffective. Additionally, the company tried ultrasonic level sensing but it gave variable readings.Review the case study