Rockwell Automation Helps Automotive Supplier Boost Productivity by 50 Percent

Feb. 11, 2008
Martinrea International turned to Rockwell Automation for a comprehensive plant-wide reporting solution available through the FactoryTalk® integrated production and performance software suite. Bringing a simple view into plant operations with very little day-to-day administration effort, the service-oriented architecture within FactoryTalk provides Martinrea International with a common set of shared services for improved access to plant-floor information.
On a daily basis, Martinrea International must anticipate external market-driven forces from giant automotive manufacturers like Ford, General Motors and Chrysler, who could demand a volume increase at any time. With ongoing pressures to reduce downtime and boost productivity, meeting the needs of the marketplace with an efficient method of data collection quickly became a primaryconcern at Martinrea International. Download the whitepaper