SPC minimizes variation and improves efficiency and quality

June 26, 2009
Hyla Soft presents a white paper on Statistical Process Control (SPC) systems and the impact these systems have on improving overall production.

Topics covered include manual and automated data collection, corrective action notification, and SPC reporting. SPC presents the opportunity to examine processes and find the underlying causes of variation. With SPC users can quickly resolve problems that lower overall efficiency.

A perfect manufacturing process may seem to be impossible, but it is a good goal to get as close as possible to that mark. One way of striving towards this goal is through the use of a Statistical Process Control (SPC) system. Using an SPC system, users can find the factors holding their plants back and eliminate them. SPC is a functionality that allows users to acquire statistical data and analyze it using powerful statistical tools. Using Hyla Soft’s SPC solutions a plant can become closer to achieving this impossible goal of perfection.

Scrap, waste, and rework are some areas that influence the overall efficiency of a plant. If any one of those areas is lagging you can expect to see a dip in the overall plant performance. In order to fully understand why any one of those areas is subpar you must look at the underlying factors involved in the production process affecting them.Download white paper