Packaging automation trends: Using small assembly robots in upstream packaging

Aug. 20, 2009
This white paper from DENSO Robotics describes the cost-saving and other benefits of using small assembly robots in packaging processes that occur before final cartoning and palletizing.

Manufacturers have always faced the challenge of constantly needing to find new ways to reduce the cost of their packaging processes. In today’s globally connected world, however, the game is much tougher and the stakes are much higher.

In order to meet the new challenge of sharply increased global competition, manufacturers are now being forced to cut costs more drastically than ever before. Those who do not succeed in doing so risk not only losing market share, but going out of business entirely.

Inevitably, such cost cutting means automating manual processes and increasing the level of automation of semiautomated processes. It also means re-evaluating current automation solutions in light of newer, more economical technology.

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