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Organizing Data for Real-Time Manufacturing Insights

The top considerations for manufacturers to establish an information platform that effectively collects and manages data for analysis and decision support systems.

Werner Electric Optimizes Warehouse with AI and Digital Twins

Working with Tecsys, Werner Electric developed a smart inventory system for its warehouse that improved picks per hour by 30%.

Driving Decarbonization with Digital Tech

When process modeling and data analytics techniques incorporate the cost of CO2 emissions, companies can optimize operations for both profitability and sustainability.

Unified Namespace: Real-World Applications and Challenges

Though Unified Namespace provides a single, standardized naming convention for all data points, there are a number of factors to address when connecting systems.

HWL Applies Artificial Intelligence to Robotic Material Handling

Thermal treatment company HWL deployed the MirAI intelligent vision system in its Berlin factory to handle reflective metal objects regardless of size, position and appearance...
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Aveva Connects its Software for Industrial Interaction

Aveva Connect makes the company’s vision for connected industrial ecosystems available to a broader mix of companies across industry and is reportedly delivering 10% higher profitabilit...
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AI and ChatGPT: A Cool Idea and a Cautionary Tale

New artificial intelligence tools are proving they can aid industrial control applications in many ways, but they can’t replace human abilities.
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Industrial Maintenance Analytics as a Service

Fluke Reliability acquires Azima DLI and its Watchman 360 vibration analytics platform to extend its maintenance-as-a-service capabilities.


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Organic Carbon Analyzers

The CA78 and CA79 online total organic carbon (TOC) analyzers from Endress + Hauser provide continuous real-time monitoring using UV-oxidation and differential conductivity measurement...
11 Axiomtek Edge Ai System

Edge AI System

The AIE100-903-FL-NX by Axiomtek features remote management capabilities and supports Nvidia JetPack 4.4 for development in AI computing and deep learning applications.
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Teledyne DALSA Releases Suite of Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence Software

New version of Sapera Software Suite brings artificial intelligence capabilities.
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Subscription-Based AI Products Enable Users to Scale

Falkonry Workbench enables users to rapidly analyze large amounts of data and cost effectively build predictive models, while Falkonry Analyzer lets them economically scale the...


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Remote Asset Monitoring

Motion demonstrates how Banner Engineering's Asset Monitor Gateway can be used to remotely monitor equipment that requires the use of multiple different peripheral devices to ...
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Emerson's Floor to Cloud System

This group of Emerson technologies includes Aventics pneumatics, Branson power supplies, Movicon SCADA/HMI, and PACEdge and PACSystems controllers and software.
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How Artificial Intelligence Can Be Applied to Model Predictive Control

This video is an excerpt from the podcast interview with Bruce Slusser of system integrator Avanceon. Access the full podcast at:
Mpc Discrete

Does Model Predictive Control Work in Discrete Manufacturing?

This video is an excerpt from the podcast interview with Bruce Slusser of system integrator Avanceon. Access the full podcast at: