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Telemecanique Sensors

Dayton, OH 45420

Company Overview

Telemecanique Sensors is a world-class global brand offering a comprehensive line of products with over 25,000 types of sensors, including limit switches, pressure switches, photo-electric, ultrasonic, inductive, and capacitive electronic sensors.

Known for high quality and superior performance, Telemecanique Sensors' products are second to none and conform to global standards such as: IEC, NEMA, CE, CCC, UL, and CSA.

Leaders in Automation
Years in business:90
Sales Channel:Direct, Distributors
1875 Founders Drive
Dayton, OH 45420
United States

Our line of limit and pressure switches include the Square D brand, a brand launched in 1902 by the Detroit Fuse and Manufacturing Company. To capitalize on the high recognition of the trademark on its switches (a capital D in a square), the company changed its name to Square D in 1917. By 1964, Square D had 10,000 employees and 22 plants. By 1991 (when it joined the Telemecanique Sensors team), it had 18,500 employees with operations in 23 countries. 

In 1924, the French company Telemecanique invented the first contactor and quickly expanded its business to become a leading industrial control and automation specialist. Telemecanique moved outside of France early in its history and, by 1988, had 14,500 employees, 32 subsidiaries outside of France, 4,100 sales outlets, and sales of 1.2 billion Euros. 

In 1963, Dayton, Ohio company Hyde Park Electronics developed ultrasonic sensor technology, creating a powerful presence in the food and beverage, automotive, and microelectronics industries. When the Hyde Park brand became part of the Telemecanique Sensors team in 2003, they employed 46 people and generated around 6 million Euros in sales. 

The combination of these events gave Telemecanique Sensors a powerful and unparalleled sensor solutions offering. More importantly, the same commitment to safety, reliability, and innovation that launched and established the original brands is still perpetuated today by those who have inherited and are building upon that rich, successful history. 

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Key Contact
Luis Torralva
Marketing Director