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Baumüller is a leading manufacturer of electric drive and automation systems. Baumüller's top priority is to reduce the total cost of ownership through increased efficiency and productivity. The key to success lies in the efficiency of the complete system. From the drive to the software, we comprehensively optimize systems and adjust them perfectly according to your application. The result: high economic viability even with complex applications.

Leadership in Automation
Years in business:80+
Number of employees:1900+
Geographic sales distribution:North America
SUITE #120
United States

Baumüller's goal is to give your machines a competitive edge, allow you more flexibility by offering a comprehensive line of dynamic, efficient, compact, precise and high-torque servo motors for all industries.

Baumüller electronic control systems can increase the efficiency of your machines. Our high-performance power modules are connected to an integrated communication concept and are available with air, water and cold-plate cooling. Using converters and controllers by Baumüller, both standardized and complex drive and automation solutions are possible.

Our b maXX controllers let you consistently implement the concept of scalability and modularity, enabling flexible adaptation to the latest requirements for machine construction. Depending on the application, we can support you in the development of central, modular decentralized and hybrid control architectures.

Our control platforms are also suitable for highly synchronized drives and are fully integrated into the Engineering Framework ProMaster. This innovative Engineering Framework systematically comprises all disciplines of an automation task: from the drive design to the parameterization, programming of controls and fieldbus parameterizaiton all the way to the visualization. 

In every phase of value creation, Industry 4.0 generates additional benefits through an increase in efficiency for the mechanical engineer. Baumüller thus supports you in developing new or expanded business models throughout the entire machine life cycle, starting with the project planning and engineering, to the commissioning and operation, to the service of the machines and systems.


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