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MES: The Plant Floor Data Translator

Manufacturing execution systems have long been recognized as middleware between plant floor control systems and enterprise systems. But they also serve as a middleman for data translation and structuring plant floor data for use by MES applications.
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Maxing Out Your Maintenance Software

How modern maintenance software combined with pervasive sensing and advanced analytics is enabling more predictive and responsive maintenance strategies.
Source: Siemens

X Marks the SaaS

Siemens continues to expand its cloud-based digital thread software-as-a-service for manufacturers of all sizes with new product additions and Microsoft Azure availability.

Why Manufacturers Are Reluctant to Digitalize (and Why They Shouldn’t Be)

A certain level of digital maturity isn’t required to begin your digital transformation. Even a factory with older equipment can benefit with as little as a few IoT sensors for...

A Smart Manufacturing Journey at a 90-Year-Old Company

The transformation at Danfoss Group focuses on evaluating business impacts, setting priorities and making changes as needed using MES/MOM, connectivity, OT security and edge technologie...

Redefining Manufacturing with Digital Transformation

As industry confronts the challenges of efficiency, cybersecurity, workforce shortages and the integration of emerging technologies, adopting smart manufacturing practices is ...

Digital Transformation Fails Without People

The key to successful digitalization isn’t in the technology—it’s all about the people who will use it. A people-centered approach to digitalization can help process manufacturers...

Connect the Physical and Digital Worlds with a Digital Thread

How manufacturers are building seamless connections between critical data, systems and workflows to drive better decision making and automation.


Thermal imaging team member capturing data per Baseline workflow directive. Source: Fluke

Thermography Workflow Software

Fluke's cloud-based thermal imaging workflow software—called Baseline—automates route execution and reporting to optimize asset maintenance.
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Cognex VisionPro Software Breaks Down Barriers Between Deep Learning and Traditional Vision

Two major new releases deliver advanced vision tools and tighter deep learning integration in a high-performance platform.
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Innodisk Releases the World's First Industrial-grade 112-Layer 3D TLC SSDs

Innodisk, a leading global provider of industrial flash and memory solutions, announces the world’s first industrial-grade 112-Layer 3D TLC SSDs.
M3 Sm15 Mobile Computer

Mobile Computer M3 SM15 for IoT Mobile Device Management

The M3 mobile computer is a compact RFID handheld computer for Internet of Things applications.


3 Tips for Applying OEE

Jim Toman with system integrator Grantek shares three key ways manufacturers can implement OEE results for improved performance.

IoT Platform Use in Manufacturing

Access the full podcast discussion Emerson's Steven Ward to learn about IoT platforms, how they're applied across different industries, what operations technology professionals...
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Weidmüller's u-OS for Device Maintenance and App Integration

Ken Crawford, senior director of automation at Weidmüller USA says, u-OS is designed to “ensure future resilience and ease of system migration by eliminating reliance on a single...
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E-Commerce Tech Giant Enters the Industrial Technology Space

With its new AWS Supply Chain and Monitron predictive maintenance products, Amazon extends its reach into the industrial marketplace.