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DC Power Supplies with the highest efficiency, smallest size longest lifetime and lowest total cost of ownership for your application.

PULS is a global market and technology leader in the field of DIN-rail power supplies. Our customers can expect maximum efficiency levels, longest lifetime, smallest dimensions and absolute reliability of our power supplies. With over 200 DC power solutions, our customers can be certain that we have the right product for their application needs. The Innovative PULS CP Series power supplies are the most efficient AC/DC power supplies ever developed. PULS offers 12 models ranging from 192 watts up to 480 watts, in output voltages from 12 to 56VDC. The extremely compact power densities make CP Series units perfect for design engineers, OEMs and end users who demand the highest reliability in their control panels. Along with the use of extended lifetime components, and very little heat losses, the CP Series provides customers with the lowest total cost of ownership among all other competitors. The CP10 Series (240W) is a very narrow 39mm wide, with a power density of 1W/4.7cm3. It offers efficiencies up to 95.2% and power losses at full load of only 12.1 watts. The CP20 Series (480W) is only 48mm wide and boasts efficiencies up to 95.6% with power losses totaling only 22.1 watts. Both CP10 & CP20 Series units greatly reduce the mounting space needed in control enclosures and due to their low heat losses may provide smaller control enclosures to be used.

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PULS, the leading manufacturer of the most efficient DIN-Rail switched mode power supplies dedicates 100% of company resources on the design, development, production, and sales of high quality, long lasting DC power products for the industrial market. This singular focus on the needs and requirements of the DC power market has resulted in PULS becoming the market leader in this demanding industry. Our broad product offering enables users to select the right PULS product for the application requirements without the need to oversize and/or purchase unnecessary features.

PULS products feature the industry’s highest energy efficiency ratings. High efficiencies produce less heat which in turn provides for longer life expectancies of all components. High efficiencies also result in the lowest energy consumption for the user and reduce thermal management requirements.

Technology Leader
Since 1980, PULS has used advanced design techniques to bring product innovations to the industrial automation market, advancing quality and reliability for OEMs and end users throughout the world. Our commitment to use only the latest components & technologies ensures we remain at the forefront of ground breaking advancements in DC power supply technology. Two PULS factories utilize highly automated manufacturing and test lines allowing PULS to maintain reliability and consistency in our manufacturing process and for each product produced.

Control of Supply Chain & Manufacturing
From development to shipment, the entire process is controlled by PULS. Two ultra modern production facilities in Europe and Asia provide capacity and redundancy for product delivery throughout the world. Significant inventory levels are maintained in North America to meet your requirements no matter the size or scope of your commercial needs.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
Beginning with the engineering based design for optimum efficiencies and small power densities, to the quality of components used in every unit, PULS designs lead to lower heat generation, smaller footprint, longer service lifetimes and reduced replacement and energy costs. This results in PULS having the lowest total cost of ownership for OEMs and end users. 

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