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AI-Based Analytics for Oil and Gas

An agreement between Emerson and Quantum Reservoir Impact is designed to deliver an industry-specific offering for the global oil and gas industry to optimize analytics used for on-site decision-making.

Emerson Qri Collaboration Delivers Ai Based Analytics For Reservoir Driven Operational Decisions En Us 6405998

Emerson and Quantum Reservoir Impact (QRI) are working together to develop and market applications for artificial intelligence (AI)-based analytics and decision-making tools customized for oil and gas exploration and production (E&P).

This collaboration combines Emerson’s global reach and its E&P software portfolio with QRI’s industry expertise in applying augmented AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics for asset and reservoir management. The new E&P software applications to be produced by the two companies will guide oil and gas industry customers in their digital transformation to harness the large amounts of analytical data produced at their sites to optimize their reservoir management strategies.

As part of the collaboration, each company will also apply advanced computational technologies to help geoscientists and engineers make quick, actionable, and reliable field development decisions to mitigate risks and lead to higher productivity and better performance.

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