Emerson Plantweb Optics

June 23, 2020
The summer 2020 update to Emerson Automation Solutions Plantweb Optics software will include augmented reality capabilities for troubleshooting equipment and real-time collaboration.

Editor’s Note: The video above shows a February 2020 pre-release version of Augmented Reality for Plantweb Optics. For the latest version, visit Emerson.com/PlantwebOpticsAR

Version 1.6 of Plantweb Optics is set for release in summer 2020 and will include augmented reality capabilities for locating and assessing assets and enabling real-time collaboration with experts. Having this data integrated into an asset management system means you can execute work orders based on direct insights from the assets, said Peter Zornio, chief technology officer at Emerson Automation Solutions..

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