Dual-arm Robot Model Added

The SDA5D is the newest model in the vendor’s SDA-series (slim, dual-arm) family of robots.

Aw 1722 1006 Motom
Billed as quick and agile, with “human-like” flexibility of movement, these robots are designed to provide the reach, payload, speed, performance and flexibility required to perform assembly, handling, machine tending packaging and part transfer applications that formerly could only be done by people. SDA-series robots feature 15 axes of motion (7 axes per arm, plus a single axis for base rotation). Internally routed cables and hoses reduce interference and maintenance, and also make programming easier. Both robot arms can work together on one task to double the payload or handle heavy, unwieldy parts, trays or pallets. SDA5D features include a 5kg payload,  845mm horizontal reach, 1,118mm vertical reach and repeatability of ± 0.06mm.
Motoman Inc.

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