Compact Flowmeter Delivers Accuracy

The Ultra Mag Flow Meter is a non-invasive, no-moving parts electromagnetic sensing instrument designed for inline installation.

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Housed in a compact, light, yet rugged package, the flowmeter delivers measurement accuracy of +0.5 percent in water effluent with repeatability of 0.05 percent of actual flow for highly reliable operation. Designed for 2- to 48-inch lines, it measures flow from 0.2 to 49fps at pressures of up to 300psi. The Ultra Mag is well-suited for use in small to mid-size municipal or industrial water filtration facilities and wastewater treatment plants. Its electrodes are self-cleaning for long service and virtually no maintenance, says the vendor, and are manufactured with 316 stainless Steel. The meter operates in high temperatures up to 170°F, and is available with optional end connections such as ANSI, DIN and JIS.

McCrometer Inc.

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