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May 4, 2010
The weather is heating up and so are user-group events and, in general, automation news.
Companies are unveiling new products, management changes and acquisitions, and analysts are coming out with reports on the state of manufacturing as we conclude the first quarter of 2010.At, we don’t wait to post news to our print edition. We post automation news, as it happens, to our Web site immediately. Our traditional news is found here,, but you can also find product news via our Automation Gear Blog.The Automation Gear blog provides some quick analysis on newly released automation products, and Gary Mintchell’s Feed Forward Blog ( is a great source for industry news and analysis. And at the top of our home page, our “Around the Web” section provides links to manufacturing and automation news found on other Web sites. provides RSS feeds for all of these sources: Automation Gear, our traditional news and Gary Mintchell’s Feed forward. Visit (or bookmark) the page and click on the RSS icon or follow Twitter is a great place to connect with other business professionals and to find news and analysis via “favorite” followers. Grant GerkeDigital Managing EditorThe TOP FIVE Automation Gear Posts on in April, based on page views:1. Fingerprint-Recognition Switch Designed for Factories and Linear-Position Video with Your SCADA Next-gen Industrial Low-Cost PAC! Podcast Bytes: Impact of Alarm Rates and Interface Design on Operator PerformanceThe Center for Operator Performance, Dayton, Ohio, funded recent research into the effects of different alarm rates and interface designs on operator performance. Statistically significant effects were found. In this podcast interview, recorded on April 16, 2010, Managing Editor Wes Iversen discusses the results with David Strobhar, chief human factors engineer at Beville Engineering, Dayton, and a member of the Center. Visit Podcast! Automation Minutes 04.13.10 Gary Mintchell, Editor in Chief, discusses how organizations can be insidious in enticing people into ethical lapses. Industrial Ethernet market share is next up for discussion followed by reading for his article in this month’s Automation World about creating a safety culture. He finishes with thoughts about an interview with auto industry analyst James Harbour. Visit us on Twitter! Video Report: Entrepreneur Education, Workforce Investment and More. Gary Mintchell, Editor in Chief, discusses the need for education, company sponsored education, and talks about entrepreneur education at Stanford, Vivek Wadhwa writing at TechCrunch on why America needs to invest in its workforce, a Robert Scoble video interview and finally, refers to a Seth Godin blog with a video on what a teacher makes. Visit Video Report: Sustainable Manufacturing. Gary Mintchell, Editor in Chief, discusses power and energy in this update on sustainable manufacturing as a corporate strategy. Visit On-Demand Webcast: Industrial Protocols and Green Engineering. Learn as Irene Bearly and Brian MacCleery, both with National Instruments, explain the protocols used in Smart Grid technology, wireless environmental monitoring, and power monitor applications. Join Moderator Gary Mintchell, Automation World Editor in Chief, as he engages automation experts in this free one-hour Web seminar. Visit