Lenze Targets Commission-Time Reduction

Nov. 8, 2016
Alongside an attention-grabbing ball-toss demo, Lenze focused on reduced commission time via demonstrations packed into short timeframes of three, five or seven minutes.

With reduced commission time in mind, Lenze offered three concurrent demos. The space-saving, energy-efficient Smart Motor/g500 mechatronic solution was on display, alongside the new i500 inverter series. Also, the FAST application software modules offering fast programming and machine commissioning with clear benefits for packaging and material handling applications.

“Drive technology is one of the key elements in mechanical engineering because it is responsible for motion control. With the advent of Industry 4.0, it is becoming increasingly important to control motion as simply as possible, in machines that have to become more and more flexible,” said Doug Burns, director of sales and marketing, Lenze Americas. “More than ever before, there is a need for machines that require parameterization instead of programming. This is why Lenze's goal in engineering is to make life easier for machine-builders.”

The aim of efficient motion control technology is to drive down the time and engineering resources required to bring new machines online. Demo times were designed to reflect this necessity.

In three minutes, booth visitors learned how to get a fixed-speed roller conveyor running. The Lenze Smart Motor and g500 gearbox mechatronic drive package provides a solution that is economical in its consumption of energy and easy to use. Motor speed can be easily adjusted via the Lenze app and NFC-capable smartphone. Among the other benefits of a fully-qualified mechatronic unit, the Smart Motor is suitable for a wide range of applications, so fewer motor versions are needed, which translates into reduced stocking expenses and improved standardization for operators and plants.

Show attendees will also learn how to get a speed-variable conveyor belt up and running in 5 minutes by means of a Lenze i500 inverter and a Lenze MF three-phase motor. The principal of easiness has been applied to the parameterization of the inverter during commissioning. Parameterized programming can be performed via a PC or via the Lenze app and NFC smartphone. A WIFI module allows a wireless connection, so service engineers can quickly perform maintenance, repair or re-tooling. A plug-in memory module (EMP) can be used to quickly copy existing parameters to other inverters.

For pick-and-place tasks there are complete ready-made FAST robotics software solutions – everything that the machine builder needs for fast, productive handling technology already integrated into powerful software modules with a fully-fledged robotics core. They make the integration of robotics kinematics into the overall automation system very easy – regardless of what kinematics will ultimately be required. Pick-and-place movements can be programmed simply by means of parameter settings, without any prior knowledge of robotics in just 7 minutes. This brings a massive reduction in the amount of engineering required by the OEM.

Adds Burns, “Innovation, flexibility and performance matter, and now more than ever machine builders need the right tools to quickly build and launch competitive new machines. Lenze has stepped up with a significant framework to reduce and manage machine development complexity and time.”

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