NovaTech: Process Console Software

ProcessVision provides a window into plant operations.

This software enhances the ability to easily and securely monitor, analyze, and adjust production processes running on the company's D/3 distributed control system with a point-and-click HMI. The software provides operators, engineering staff, and plant managers, with more intuitive navigation, diagnostics, and security features. Operators can get up to speed quickly with a library of video tutorials and improved search and auto-complete functions. Browser-like navigation includes tabs, favorites, sessions, and automatic print scheduling capability. The software automatically creates diagnostic displays such as Single Loop, Loop Maintenance, Recipe, Product/Batch Monitoring, and System Status displays. The System Status display drills down from the entire DCS to individual I/O channels, allowing users to quickly determine the real-time status of each I/O module, channels within a module, input values of each channel, what tags are assigned to a channel, and which channels are unused. Engineering staff can take advantage of global synchronization of tag modifications, better diagnostics for event analysis and recovery, and easy-to-configure displays.

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