Fluid Components International: Integrated Monitoring System for Spent Fuel Pools in Nuclear Power Plants

Oct. 14, 2012
The 1E qualified CL86 Plus spent fuel pool (SFP) multi-monitor system integrates continuous level, point level and temperature measurements into a multi-variable solution.

The system features integrated continuous water level, multiple point level wet/dry indication and alarms, and water temperature sensors, and provides discrete and independent outputs of each measurement for interface with the plant control room and alarm systems. The sensors operate independently from one another to aid in the reliability and accuracy required in nuclear power plant installations. Designed for both new and retrofit SFP installations, the system consists of a unified probe assembly that is immersed in the SFP and manufactured to the exact length specified for the depth of the application. The sensor uses thermal dispersion technology, and the sensor wires and electronics interface junction box are housed in a rugged metal enclosure that is water-tight and resistant to falling debris. The electronics are remote mounted up to 1000 feet (300 m) away in a stainless steel NEMA rated enclosure for installation wire-up to power and to provide the outputs to the control room. The system meets or exceeds all requirements currently being proposed by the Nuclear Energy Institute and Nuclear Regulatory Commission for SFP monitoring. It can be used as a solution to meet the NRC's recent order EA-12-051, and interim staff guidelines, which outlines requirements for SFP level measurement and the time lines for its implementation.

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