Inductive Automation: Web-Based HMI, SCADA and MES Software Upgraded

Ignition v7.6 includes a revamped alarming system with new features developed in response to requests from users.

New alarming modules include an alarm notification module that enables alarm notification delivery configuration through the new alarm notification pipeline, new call rosters to manage alarm notification for groups of users, and two-way email notification. Also new is a voice notification module that enables phone-call alarming functions with text-to-speech technology and an SMS notification module that enables alarm notification and acknowledgment via text messaging. A simple drag-and-drop interface makes it possible to create different types of alarm notification logic, including: escalation, delay, consolidation and selection. In addition, it is now possible to configure multiple alarms per tag. New types of alarms available include equality, inequality, inside or outside range, bad quality, outside engineering limits, and more, while the new capability to bind alarm configuration properties to external data makes it possible to create configurations, including dynamically variable alarm set points, state-based alarming and intelligent alarm enable/disable. It is also possible to add associated data to get contextual information from alarms.

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Inductive Automation

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